Published Contributions

Practical-application-oriented contributions address:

  • integrated natural resource management, climate change, governance of tenure agricultural innovation systems and farmer field schools
  • effective human and institutional capacity development for country-driven, transformative and sustainable results
  • multi-stakeholder / multi-actor governance, processes and partnerships
  • Information and Communication Technologies for Development and Empowerment

Publications and Book Chapters: 

Author / Editor: 

  • Country-Driven Capacity Development for Climate Smart Agriculture. Extension Worker’s Manual. FAO. forthcoming.
  • Effective Institutional Capacity Development to Integrate Agriculture into National Adaptation Planning. FAO, forthcoming.
  • Capacity Development for Sustainable Implementation of Tenure within UN REDD+. FAO. forthcoming.
  • Measuring Capacity Development Results- What and How. FAO. 2015. download
  • Capacity Development for Climate-Smart-Agriculture. FAO. 2012. updated version forthcoming. download
  • Deepening Participation and Enhancing Aid Effectiveness through ICTs and Media- A Practical Manual. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Working Paper. 2011. download
  • Ironie des Schicksals in Tunesien. Letters to the Editor Neue Zürcher Zeitung. 2011. download
  • Amplify the Potential of Smartphones to Fight Poverty in Africa while keeping the Dark Side of Mining Rare Minerals in Mind. Letters to the Editor Economist Intelligent Life. 2011. download
  • African Citizens Need a Voice as well as Votes. Financial Times Letters to the Editor. 2010. download
  • Planting the Knowledge Seed- Adapting to Climate Change using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). BCO Alliance. 2009. download
  • Multi-stakeholder Partnerships and Processes in ICT4D at the Global Policy Level- The Case of the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance. Discussion Paper. 2006. download
  • Public Private Development Partnerships and the Provision of Water and Sanitation Services to Meet the MDGs. Working Paper. 2005.


  • Addressing Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in National Adaptation Plans- Supplementary Guidelines. FAO. 2017. download
  • Assessment of Innovation Capacities- A Scoring Tool. FAO. 2017. download
  • Facilitating Capacity Needs Assessments for Agricultural Innovation Systems- Trainer’s Manual. CDAIS. 2017. download 
  • The Agriculture Sector in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). FAO 2016. download
  • Pastoralist Field Schools in Eastern Africa: Innovative Climate Adaptation in Practice download
  • Strengthening Individual and Institutional Capacities to Address Climate Change in Laos PDR. FAO 2016. download 
  • Enhancing Countries Capacities to Report on Green House Gases. FAO. 2016 download
  • Enabling Capacities to Innovate with System-wide Assessment Process. FAO. 2015. download
  • Deepening Country Ownership for the Governance of Tenure in Myanmar. FAO 2015. download
  • Building a Common Vision for Sustainable Food and Agriculture- Principles and Approaches. FAO 2014. download
  • Food Security Commitment and Capacity Profile: Acting on Food Insecurity and Malnutrition. Methodology Paper. FAO. 2014. download
  • Organizational Analysis and Development. FAO. 2013. download
  • Good Learning Practices for Effective Capacity Development. FAO. 2012. download
  • ICTs and Education – Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) to connect Schools to the Net – A National Model in Switzerland. SDC, Berne, Switzerland. 2009. download
  • Fighting Poverty- Utilizing Community Media in a Digital Age- Practitioners Reflections from an interactive Roundtable at the World Congress on Communication for Development. 2006.
  • Mission to Movement- Creating a rural knowledge revolution in India: Tracing Lessons Learned from Mission 2007. 2006.

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