Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships, Processes and Diplomacy at Global Policy Level- A study of the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance

Diplo Foundation, Geneva, March 2007

This case study identifies universal lessons learned about multi-stakeholder partnerships, multi-stakeholder processes and multi-stakeholder diplomacy at the global policy level through a participatory methodology with expert interviews and an online electronic survey.

More specifically, the study aims to

• provide a detailed evaluation of the innovative, multi-stakeholder United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) aimed to contribute to a more inclusive Internet Governance regime and Information Society

• strengthen the understanding of multi-stakeholder partnerships and to the application of Information and Communication Technologies for Development, focusing on the enabling environment that facilitates universal and affordable access to the information society

• offer insights into modes of professional interaction between stakeholders through principles of “multi-stakeholder diplomacy”

• test a slightly contextualized multi-stakeholder partnerships methodology developed by the Overseas Development Institute

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