Voices 2.0- Revolutionizing Participation in Development Cooperation

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Social media are playing their part in the so-called Arab Spring, the “Facebook Revolution” is turning into a buzzword. How come?
  • More importantly, what does the power of “web 2.0” imply for operational activities by development practitioners aiming to increase participation in socio, economic and political change processes?
  • The article illuminates this phenomenon, sparks a critical reflection on its side-effects while sharing key findings from an upcoming SDC working paper titled “Deepening Participation and Enhancing Aid Effectiveness through Media and ICTs” on the role of social media in participatory development.

Read and comment the whole contribution on the SDC or World Bank Blog below:

SDC Blog: http://www.sdc-learningandnetworking-blog.admin.ch/2011/07/12/“voices-2-0”-revolutionizing-participation-within-development-cooperation/

World Bank Blog: http://blogs.worldbank.org/publicsphere/voices-20-revolutionizing-participation-within-development-cooperation

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