Deepening Participation and Enhancing Aid Effectiveness through ICTs and Media

This working paper coined “Deepening Participation and Enhancing Aid Effectiveness through ICTs and Media” examines why and how development practitioners can adopt ICTs and media for increased participation and better results into their daily practice.
Taking a critical look back over 10 years of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) program support within ICTs for Development, findings include:
  • Start thinking about information and communication needs, channels and media throughout the Project Cycle but most importantly in the planning stages for policy and project intervention
  • ICT-enhanced “Communication for Development Methodologies” are worth revisiting
  • Link ICTs and media to the organizational DNA of donor agencies in their standard operating procedures or instruments (i.e. Project Cycle Management, Sustainable Livelihood approaches)
  • Develop the capacity of implementing agencies and partner organizations on “strategically using” ICTs to leverage their programs